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Packing Tips

If you will be doing your own packing the most important part will be pre-planning. Mistakes that may result in damages can be made when things are packed in a hurry. Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but they are often forgotten in the midst of a move. If there is something that has not been covered in this list, please call us and a helpful moving consultant can help you with your questions.

  • When packing or storing furniture, wrap it with blankets, towels, or old linens. This prevents it from being scratched or otherwise damaged. Most packing tips don't tell you that furniture legs should also be wrapped.
  • Backing up important files and making a hard copy of important files on your computer is another great packing tip.
  • If you disassemble an item you're self packing, label, number, or otherwise mark each piece for easy reassembly. It is better to select a Packer & Movers Company that's experienced and insured than ruin your furniture in the process.
  • Chairs should be stacked seat-to-seat with paper in between.
  • Fit what you can inside any like item. For example, you can store sponges in pots. This packing tip will save valuable space and makes unpacking easier.
  • Its often cheaper to pack lightweight items yourself, such as books, linens, clothing, toys and small kitchen appliances.
  • Pack your jewelry, family heirlooms, sports memorabilia, photo albums or other priceless items yourself. Move them yourself too, either in the car or as carry-on luggage, if size allows. .
  • Before the Packers & Movers arrive, all major appliances should be cleaned and disconnected. This includes: refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer.
  • When you select a moving company check with them about transporting pets and plants because each state and country has its own requirements. If you move with these items, they may require a "plant/pet suitcase" of their own.
  • "One mans trash is another mans treasure. Don't wait until the last minute to choose which goods to bring with you. This doesn't have to be an overwhelming process. Just work on one room or with one group of items at a time. For example, you could list 10 items per week on Ebay or take 10 items to a consignment store. If it doesn't work in one place, you wont be stuck. Here are some popular ways of getting rid of the items you no longer need:
    • Garage sale
    • Online auctions
    • Flea markets
    • Consignment stores
    • Donations to charity
  • Pack all important documents in one place:

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